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Life lessons

Hard for me to believe that this wedding has come and gone. I walked for hours in downtown Kampala looking for the perfect shoe, didn't find it and this one was an easy choice to make. Liked that it wasn't too weddingy, can wear it after without being obvious it was bought for a special occasion. I only wore it for the wedding service and took it off immediately after this photo. The heel for the left shoe came off at the photo shoot. If you look closely can see the shoe is flat on the ground.  Only the bridal party was around and Shiru, fellow bridesmaid, and I share a shoe size, she had a spare pair and the would be shoe crisis was resolved before it took off. Again, divine timing. I love that this photo reminds me what you see is definitely not what you get. As my  favourite blogger put it, many a time, it's all smokes and mirrors 


My bridesmaid dress for Penny's wedding was not well done. The knight in tailor armor who rode to my rescue is Leonard.  Via WhatsApp, I explained my predicament and he agreed  to redo the outfit. At first, he thought I was in Nairobi and learning I wasn't even in the  country didn't daunt him. Thank God the dress was already in Nairobi and the  other dress musketeer,  Ng'ang'a my brother took it to him. He instructed what measurements to get from my Jinja tailor and voila, he worked his magic. My rating for him is 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Timing, price and product  were excellent. He is based in Makina county council market, Kibera, Nairobi. Stall 572/3.

Wanja's Visit

Most times, especially when favour is on my side I believe everything happens for a reason. My old friend Wanja has been planning to visit me for months. Something would come up at the last minute and she'd cancel. She arrived on Friday morning, 2weeks ago. What she didn't know is that I'd had a ganglion on my right hand  removed a day earlier. Her visit was at the perfect time. She cooked, cleaned and shopped for me; tasks that right-handed me was struggling with. Not only am I immensely grateful for friendship and health, my belief in divine timing has been affirmed.


My friend Emily interviewed me for her podcast lifedonedifferently Enjoy