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My week has been a mixed bag. The awesome part was Ann's visit. You truly don't know how much you miss someone till they are gone. I've had a blast in the one week she's been here. The visit to  Kigali was  particularly special In his second attempt, my cousin Kabiru ended his life on Sunday and was buried yesterday. George my colleague fell sick ,alone in his house .The hours it took for someone to get to his house and confirm he was alive were nerve-wrecking . The chemo and radiotherapy effects on Mum are taking a toll. On a work trip, the truck broke down and had a 9hour wait before we could proceed. As I sit here on my  couch taking stock of the past 7 days, I've realised I struggle with accepting things as they are. Especially when I make mistakes. I have platinum membership to the What If and Should Have club and it's exhausting. Any ideas on how I can reduce this?It's doing my head in, I'm perennially swinging  between a utopic

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