Covid life



It was in March when WhatsApp flooded with Covid-19 videos and conspiracy theories.
The good old days when we all thought Africans were immune and Madagascar's
Covid-Organics  gave us a sliver of hope.
Once upon a time.
With roughly 7 weeks left in 2020, many of us are heavy laden from the pandemic and
wondering where time went.

I resumed work  yesterday after  being in self isolation for 10 days.
4 out of 10 colleagues tested positive 2 weeks ago.
Thankfully, none of them had serious symptoms.
It was tough and now, fear and anxiety are hanging around the office.

I know tens of people who've died since April , 2 being close relatives and it's hard
to be optimistic of the coming days.
Especially when many, including myself, are flouting the Covid guidelines- sanitise,
wear a mask, social distance.
I yoyo between paranoia, despair, gratitude and yolo-phoria.

How are you holding up?


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